RCC participating in Project Journey: An Online Couples Study About Experiences with Medically Assisted Reproduction !

You and your partner are in the process of medically assisted procreation?
We need your participation ! As part of a study whose objective is to improve the experience of couples in the MAP process, RCC is looking for couples who wish to start a family.
You can participate if :
🌀 You and your partner are interested in the study;
🌀 Your first medical tests at the fertility clinic were less than 6 months ago;
🌀 You have access to the internet;
🌀 You are able to read and speak English or French.
To thank you, a gift certificate of up to $216 will be given to each couple!
For more information, please click here : https://natalieorosen.com/journey/
** Project Journey is inclusive to all bodies, gender identities, and sexual orientations.**

RCC is pleased to be a part of The Canadian Fertility Show taking place February 6th 2021 (Virtually)

This event will bring together a robust line up of speakers on a variety of topics supporting multiple areas of family planning. RCC physician Dr.Dan Nayot will be speaking about Innovations in Endometrial Receptivity Assessment Tools .  To learn more about this event or to purchase tickets visit the 2021 Canadian Fertility Show.

Dr.Dan Nayot from RCC joined Mary Wong to discuss Chromosomal PGT-A Testing

When you are doing IVF, you want to know that you are doing everything you can to increase your chances of conceiving a healthy baby. One of the ways fertility clinics say they may improve your chance of a successful pregnancy is through chromosomal testing of your embryos known as PGT-A or Preimplantation Genetic Testing for Aneuploidies or CCS (Comprehensive Chromosome Screening). As much as it sounds awesome, it does not guarantee a baby. Fertility Doctor @dan.nayot talks about the pros and cons of PGT-A so you can see if this is something that you want to sign up for.

RCC’S Medical Director, Dr.Shannon Corbett, appeared on Canada’s Global News to discuss the diagnosis of unexplained infertility.

Dr. Shannon Corbett 

RCC’s Medical Director, Dr. Shannon Corbett, appeared on Canada’s Global News to discuss the diagnosis of “unexplained infertility”. Click here to watch the segment now.