Donor eggs or sperm, embryos, or a surrogate, can be a great family building option. It may not be how you envisioned having children, but these options have good success rates and RCC Fertility patients who choose to go this route tend to be very happy with the outcome. The chance of someone getting pregnant using fresh embryos created from donor eggs is above 50%. If  you have a partner with male factor infertility, using donor sperm greatly increases the odds of success.

Realizing that you cannot have a child without using donor eggs or sperm can be difficult, and may be very emotional. For many people, a biological connection is important; learning that it is not possible can be challenging. Our team of infertility specialists is here to lend support as you look at all your options and decide what is ultimately best for your family.

This is a personal decision and everyone feels differently. It is important to note that many parents who have used donor eggs or sperm say that pregnancy creates such a strong sense of connection to the baby that they do not think they would feel closer even if there were more of a genetic link. As with any pregnancy, you will have the intimacy and comfort of knowing your baby’s every movement, being the first to hold him or her, and then spending a lifetime with a child that you created and brought into the world.

Discovering Your Path to Parenthood

There are many options to help you build your family:
• Egg Donation (Click for more info)
• Sperm Donation (Click for more info)
• Gestational Carrier (Surrogacy)*
*It is important to note that the laws governing surrogacy vary greatly across Canada. It is important to fully understand the law in your province. To learn more about the general laws of surrogacy in Canada, click HERE or visit:

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