The following are common reasons patients consider donor insemination:

  • Major sperm abnormalities – such as total absence of sperm
  • Hereditary genetic diseases or infectious diseases that could be transmitted to the spouse
  • Male infertility following cancer treatment
  • Single patients
  • Same sex couples

The sperm inserted into the patient’s uterus belongs to a donor who has donated his sperm to a sperm bank inspected in accordance with Health Canada standards. A list of sperm banks will be provided to you by your physician or nurse or the medical receptionist.
Prior to undergoing donor insemination, patients will have to meet with one of our counselors or a psychologist who specializes in fertility issues. This session will provide you with the opportunity to review issues concerning donor insemination and will address any concerns or questions you may have, as well as provide you with useful information.

Your physician will discuss the particulars about the preliminary stages of Donor Insemination, its treatment course and information on the complete procedure.