For some, the costs associated with In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) can be high, and affect several areas of a patient’s life. Emotional. Physical. Psychological. And, for many, the most vexing – financial. IVF is known as the “gold standard” for good reason. As one of the most effective infertility treatments available, it’s often the option people turn to on their path to parenthood. And, as with many valuable things in life, it doesn’t come cheap.

The good news is that there are many ways to make IVF more affordable. Our goal at The Reproductive Care Centre is to make IVF as accessible as possible to our patients. The Reproductive Care Centre shares information below on how options such as multi-cycle programs, loans and financing, and grants can help you achieve your dream of growing your family.

So, Exactly How Much Does IVF Cost?
Just as each person’s treatment plan is unique to them, so are the costs associated with it. Every patient’s needs are different, and require different techniques, procedures, and medications.

Cost is a huge factor when deciding whether or not to move forward with treatment, and The Reproductive Care Centre is dedicated to working closely with you to help find the best option for your family. One of our knowledgeable financial counselors will meet with you early in the process to review prices and financing options to ensure you’re able to achieve your dream of building your family in the most affordable way possible.

Fertility Financing
Finding ways to fund treatment can be overwhelming, but we are available to help navigate the options available to you. We are pleased to provide a potential financial option through our partner PayBright.

Every patient’s treatment plan is different and may include treatments separate from or in addition to IVF. It is important to review your treatment plan and the corresponding costs against your healthcare coverage, as OHIP coverage for infertility treatments has changed.

Embarking on the infertility treatment journey can be overwhelming, particularly when it comes to finances. To learn more about financing options through PayBright, contact our office in Mississauga to request an appointment. We’ll go over your concerns, answer any questions you may have, and ensure you’re as knowledgeable as possible with all of the options available to you.