Women with endometriosis may wonder if their condition will affect their ability to grow their family. The fertility doctors at RCC in Mississauga discuss how endometriosis can affect fertility.

Studies suggest that women who have endometriosis have a harder time conceiving. But women with mild endometriosis may still get pregnant on their own. More severe cases may require fertility treatments.

Endometriosis does not necessarily cause infertility. Endometriosis causes inflammation to the pelvis and reproductive system which could make it harder to get pregnant. Inflammation in turn can distort the pelvis and leave adhesions or scars, blocking the fallopian tubes or ovaries which prevent the egg and sperm to meet. Inflammation may also interfere with ovulation, as well as produce molecules that paralyze sperm or eggs.

If you are experiencing endometriosis symptoms such as painful cramps, painful intercourse, painful ovulation, painful bowel movements, pain in the lower back or legs, fatigue, or frequent urination and have been unsuccessful in conceiving for six months to a year, reach out to a fertility doctor at RCC in Mississauga to schedule a consultation.

Your fertility specialist will first start testing to diagnose the issue. Some courses of treatment might include surgery to remove scar tissue that is affecting the reproductive system, IVF, IUI, donors or surrogates.

Don’t let endometriosis end your dreams of growing a family, there are options available, and our specialists are here to help you every step of the way!