The acknowledgment of a fertility challenge is a defining moment in a person’s life. Scheduling a consultation appointment with a fertility specialist in Mississauga is the first step in reaching your dream of becoming pregnant and successfully delivering a healthy baby. On that first appointment, coming prepared with information and questions for the fertility doctor will ensure you have a clear understanding of the fertility process and the fertility clinic.


  1. What is the first step, where do I start? Are there any tests involved?

The first step is scheduling your consultation with the fertility specialist. It’s a huge milestone to make your first appointment! In most cases, your first visit will involve measuring your current state of fertility potential. This can involve an extensive review of you and your partner’s medical history, a physical exam (including a vaginal ultrasound), blood work and a semen analysis will be scheduled for your partner. Ask your doctor what additional tests may be needed specific to your medical history.


  1. What is the fertility process, how long will it take?

We understand completely the feeling of wanting to know exactly how long the process will be and when your baby will arrive. After your initial fertility evaluation and testing, you will meet with your RCC fertility specialist to discuss your detailed fertility treatment plan, including the process and an estimated timeline.


  1. What is your success rate and how is it calculated?

It is important to not only know the clinic’s rate of success, but also what those numbers are based on, i.e. the number of pregnancies or the number of live births.  Make sure to specifically ask about live birth rates and the available treatment options for a woman or a couple with a similar diagnosis and age as you and your partner.


  1. Does your clinic provide any emotional counseling, mind-body connection resources, or other resources?

The road to successfully conceiving and delivering a healthy baby can be taxing, on your emotions and relationships, but it is worth it! Having a strong support system rally around you before, during and after is as essential to fertility success as the actual treatment.  At RCC, we’ve partnered with a compassionate Social Worker, Irene Glavac Petric, as a Counsellor for you during this process.


  1. How much does it cost?

A bird’s eye view of the financial commitment is an imperative topic to discuss with your fertility doctor. Understanding the costs that are included in the recommended course of treatment and the costs that are extra, such as medications or initial screening tests, will help alleviate financial surprises. After speaking with a doctor at RCC, you may also discuss more specific financial services and payment options with one of our financial counselors.


At our Ontario fertility clinics, we care about making sure you’re knowledgeable about the infertility treatments for your unique journey. Contact the expert team at Reproductive Care Centre to schedule a consultation with one of our top fertility doctors. Remember, the RCC fertility specialists are with you every step of the way.