The infertility blogosphere is full of smart, funny, sensitive writers sharing the details of their experiences living with infertility. Some are still trying to become pregnant, others have welcomed children, and some have decided that a childfree life is best for them. Regardless of the path they’ve taken, they all #HAVEAHEART and share the same desire to help other people going through similar struggles and, in so doing, to shine a light on infertility awareness.

In this post, The Reproductive Care Centre lays out the top 5 Infertility Bloggers for Infertility Awareness.

Chiemi Rajamahendran, the founder of Miss.Conception, is passionate about ensuring that every TTC woman feels seen, heard, and not alone. After having experienced the isolation of fertility treatment Chiemi, now a mom of two, felt that she could create a community to make the experience a better one for other women. Her blog takes a holistic approach – Mind + Body + Spirit – to helping women become fertility friendly. When you join the Miss.Conception Coach community you gain access to transformation tools, inspiring words, and healing affirmations as part of a supportive, like-minded community. Particularly useful tools include a 10-day Health + Wellness makeover (for you and hubby!) as well as information about natural, healing body care products specially formulated for women trying to conceive.

The 2 Week Wait
If you’re looking for a laugh, head on over to The 2 Week Wait. Jay begins the story of her infertility experience with, “I was always told that if you let a penis touch your leg, you’d get pregnant.” What follows is a series of insightful, relatable, funny posts through the ups and downs of her infertility journey. She went through several years of treatment, including IVF, and ultimately ended up having two sons. An outspoken infertility advocate, Jay continues to write about and advocate for people who want to build their families in an attainable (affordable) and educated (up to date on the latest science and technology) way.

Waiting for Baby Bird
Waiting for Baby Bird chronicles the PCOS-caused infertility struggles Elisha and her husband have endured over the last several years. The blog has a decidedly spiritual bent, Elisha is a woman of great faith, and touches on topics ranging from marriage (particularly keeping a marriage strong while building your family) to fostering (they’re foster parents to a young girl) to a list of recommended resources (books, playlists, PCOS resources) that Elisha has found helpful throughout her journey. Much like a trusted friend, her voice is one of comfort, humor, hope, and understanding.

Ever Upward
“We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us.” ~ Joseph Campbell. So begins the About page of Ever Upward written by cognitive behavioral therapist Justine Froelker. Justine eloquently recounts her and her husband’s infertility journey and their decision to, after much self-examination and reflection, live a childfree life. Much of what she discusses is applicable to anyone dealing with something difficult in life, be it infertility or something else, it’s really about embracing and truly owning your story. She refers to the process of owning her own story of struggle and acceptance as her recovery. Ever Upward is a testament to loving the life you lead, while still honoring the life you had hoped to have.

Stirrup Queens
As the blog name suggests Stirrup Queens creator Melissa Ford is not afraid of funny. She started the blog to fulfill a desire to find all things infertility – from medical information to a supportive community to lighthearted content – in one place. Her ultimate goal was to remove the isolation women with infertility disease so often feel. One way to describe Stirrup Queens is as a comprehensive community; comprehensive in that Melissa covers everything from infertility treatment to adoption to childfree life after infertility, and community because she’s passionate about connecting people through things like her online book club and Mel’s Show and Tell where she encourages readers to share something with the rest of the community.

We hope you find these blogs as insightful, funny, and touching as we do. Feel free to reach out to The Reproductive Care Centre to learn more about infertility awareness and for additional valuable resources that can help you along your specific journey.