Fertility Preservation: Elective Egg Freezing

Female fertility preservation is very common today and no longer considered experimental. One way fertility preservation is achieved is via the process called elective egg freezing. Elective egg freezing with the Reproductive Care Centre in Mississauga is a safe and effective method for preserving fertility in women who are not currently ready to become pregnant, but want to maintain their ability to become pregnant at a later time. It is our honor to be able to help you reach your dreams of creating or adding to your family when the time is right for you. Below are more details about why women choose egg freezing and the process for fertility preservation.

Why Elective Egg Freezing for Fertility Preservation?

Female fertility is known to decline slowly until the age of 30. After the age of 30, female fertility begins to rapidly decline. Women are born with their total amount of eggs and do not create more eggs throughout their lifetime, this is known as the ovarian reserve. With elective egg freezing, the eggs do not continue to age once they have been cryopreserved. Therefore, the eggs are suspended in time, so to speak, and your fertility is preserved at the age in which your eggs are frozen.

The decision to pursue elective egg freezing with the fertility specialists at RCC is a very personal one and the reasoning varies from woman to woman. However, there are a few common situations in which women decide fertility preservation is right for them:

  • The desire or necessity to delay pregnancy for monetary, educational or relationship reasons
  • To preserve fertility options prior to undergoing cancer therapy or for another medical reason

How Is Elective Egg Freezing Achieved?

The process for elective egg freezing at RCC is similar to the beginning steps used with patients undergoing in vitro fertilization (IVF). Birth control is administered to suppress the natural monthly egg development cycle. Egg growth is stimulated by hormone injections.

Once your eggs reach the desired size and maturity, the body is triggered to ovulate and the egg retrieval procedure is completed in the clinic. Intravenous sedation is administered immediately before the egg retrieval procedure and the fertility specialist quickly completes the procedure. After retrieval, the eggs are examined and the healthy mature eggs are prepared and frozen.

Getting Started With Fertility Preservation

If you believe fertility preservation by elective egg freezing could be a good fit for your fertility goals and family, please contact the fertility specialists at RCC in Mississauga for an initial consultation. Our fertility doctors would be honored to help you achieve your fertility preservation goals and when the time is right, help you to grow the family of your dreams.