You know you need fertility treatments to get pregnant, but maybe the timing doesn’t feel quite right. You could use some time to save money, or you want to try on your own for a few more months, or you could shed a few extra pounds. While all of these are valid arguments, the infertility doctors at The Reproductive Care Centre (RCC) in Mississauga, Ontario discuss the reasons why you should not delay treatment any longer.

One of the most important reasons to not delay recommended fertility treatments is age. As women get older, they have less eggs. Your egg quality today is probably the best it will be compared to a future date. Sperm quality can also decrease as time passes. Seeking treatment now will give you the best chance at conceiving a healthy baby in the shortest amount of time.

Because your reproductive system is in better health than it may be in the future, it may be less expensive to get help now rather than later. The less time it takes to get pregnant, the less expensive the cost will be. And if your eggs and sperm are still healthy and of good quality, you may need less medications and/or treatments. RCC also offers financing options which can help take the burden off if cost is the reason you wish to delay.

If the timing still doesn’t feel right, but you do wish to have a family in the future, you may want to consider cryopreservation. Freezing your eggs and sperm can help you keep the high quality of your eggs and sperm as they are today, but you can use them in the years to come.

If you would like to discuss your fertility options with a reproductive specialist in Mississauga, contact RCC Fertility today!