Whether you and your partner are having trouble conceiving on your own or if you are already undergoing fertility treatment, it can be hard to stay connected as a couple when fertility struggles are causing stress. The infertility specialists at The Reproductive Care Centre (RCC) in Mississauga share tips to bring you and your partner closer together.

  • You chose your partner because you trust them, so don’t be afraid to talk about what you are feeling. Infertility is stressful and affects both of you emotionally, if not physically. Be open to sharing your fears and your dreams as well. Allow your partner to respond and vent his or her feelings as well. If talking to each other doesn’t help, consider going to a therapist or counselor, together or alone, whichever works best for your situation.
  • Have fun. Make date night a priority—one night that doesn’t involve any baby or fertility talk. Enjoy dinner and a movie, or if your budget is tight, have a game night at home and cook your favorite meal together.
  • Relieve stress. This can be yoga, meditation, massage, acupuncture, or other forms of exercise. If your partner is up for it, do something together! Go for a jog, or get a couple’s massage. Stress is harmful to our bodies, so if we can channel that energy into other activities, you will feel a whole lot better.
  • Take a break. Baby-making isn’t very fun when it makes you stressed, so go on a vacation, or don’t track your cycle for this one month. Enjoy time with your loved one without the stress of trying to conceive.
  • Stick together. This is the most important tip—you are in this together. Attend appointments together, and make all the decisions together. Which treatment options are you going to consider? How much money are you willing to spend? Will you tell friends and family about your infertility?

In the end, you will still have each other, so remember to cherish each other no matter what hurdles arise. You will get through this together.