With the advances of modern medicine, you’d think there would be a medical explanation for everything today. Unfortunately, unexplained infertility affects approximately one in five couples.

After finding out the eggs, sperm, ovaries, and fallopian tubes are normal, some couples are diagnosed with unexplained infertility. This can be extremely frustrating because there is no medicine or cure for something that is unknown.

The fertility specialists at The Reproductive Care Centre offer some ways to cope with unexplained infertility.

  • There is some good news for those couples who recently were diagnosed—you still have a 50 percent chance of conceiving naturally within the next 12 months! So, don’t give up and keep trying for at least the full year. Continue taking vitamins as well as using ovulation kits and tracking basal body temperature to pinpoint the most fertile days each month.
  • If the diagnosis is too much to handle right now, then take a break. Consider going on a vacation or bring back a weekly date night to focus on you and your partner. Yoga and acupuncture can also help you de-stress.
  • Finding a support group can also help you air your grievances with the diagnosis. See if there are local groups at a hospital near you, or even online forums.
  • Start a blog. Sometimes letting it all out in the written form can be relieving. Blogging can also help you connect to other women going through the same situation.

If you need a reproductive specialist in Ontario to help you find the cause of infertility or to discuss the next steps, contact us today!