Trying to conceive can be a stressful process in and of itself for some couples. Mix in the busy holiday season, and it can be overwhelming. But do not despair, the fertility doctors at The Reproductive Care Centre in Ontario share tips to balance both holiday priorities and conceiving.

  • Stay active. As if the holiday shopping, baking, and parties weren’t taking up enough of your time, we also encourage couples to get regular exercise. Luckily, brisk walks in the mall count! Being in good shape can help you get pregnant faster, so try to stick to a routine as closely as possible during the holidays.
  • Choose healthy options. Holiday parties are not known for their healthy food options, but it’s important to balance your carbs with protein in order to stabilize blood sugar. If there are whole grain options, or fruits and veggies, pile up on those first. As for protein, choose those with calcium like cheese, or lean meats like chicken breast.
  • Skip alcohol. When trying to conceive, we recommend patients decline alcoholic beverages in case women get pregnant sooner than expected!
  • Learn your cycle. If you’ve been trying for a few months, you may already have a sense of when you’re ovulating based on how long your average cycle is. If it’s important to you not to miss this month, try an ovulation predictor kit. You can use it a few days before you expect to be ovulating, and when it is confirmed, it’s time to get busy!
  • De-stress. Some people get stressed and feel burnt out during the holidays. Take a few minutes each day to escape—meditate or participate in an activity you enjoy.
  • Be a team. Before that first relative arrives, decide how you and your partner will handle discussions and questions regarding growing your family. Get on the same page and decide if you will keep things quiet or if you want to share your journey.
  • Keep trying. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t get pregnant. It can take some couples many months of trying. If you don’t conceive within six months to a year, then we encourage you to schedule an infertility consultation at RCC.