While mothers are celebrating with their families, women struggling with infertility may find Mother’s Day depressing. For those who have been unable to conceive and grow their own families, we understand what you are going through. But don’t let a perfectly good Sunday go to waste! The expert team at RCC Fertility in Mississauga shares ideas on how to cope with infertility and enjoy the day anyway.

  • Celebrate your own mom. Make this Mother’s Day about your mother, in-law, or maternal figure. She knows what you are going through, so if you feel like sharing your feelings, go for it. If not, focus on giving her all your love and attention.
  • Avoid the crowds. It may be hard to see moms being celebrated while you are still trying to have children of your own, so it may be best to avoid popular spots in your area such as brunch restaurants. It’s also smart to stay off of social media to avoid the Mother’s Day posts that are filling your feed. Instead, stay home with your partner or friends; cook a fun meal, binge on movies or TV shows, and play some board games.
  • Get away. If you really want to get away from it all, take a weekend trip somewhere new. Explore mountains or beaches that you’ve never been to and enjoy the freedom of being child-free while it lasts.
  • Explore your hobbies. Have you been wanting to try out a new workout routine, or learn to paint? This is the weekend to do it! The internet can help you with practically anything. Look up some new dance moves and practice with your partner.
  • Pamper yourself. You’ve been working hard at getting pregnant, this is the weekend to relieve the stress of it all with a massage, spa day, acupuncture, meditation, or yoga.
  • Seek assistance. First for your psychological health, speak to a counselor or support group to get emotional support. Second, schedule an appointment with a fertility doctor so you and partner can get help with starting your family.

Remember that you are not alone in your infertility journey. Many couples are experiencing the same feelings and struggles, but we can help. Contact our compassionate team of fertility experts at RCC in Mississauga for your consultation.