After spending most of your adult life trying not to get pregnant, it can come as quite a shock when conceiving proves challenging. However, one in six Canadians will experience infertility problems and for some hopeful parents, misinformation can be a major stumbling block.

The Reproductive Care Centre shares a piece to help further educate Canadians on infertility through the Fertility Matters’ Public Education campaign. It appears in the magazine, Today’s Parents.

This is a great article as it helps to expose some of the common myths.  This was based on a recent poll of 500 Canadians aged 18-44, conducted in August 2017.

A few of the key findings from the report revealed that Canadians are unclear on when to seek fertility help. Below you will find some of the statistics:

  • 59% of Canadians believe they should try to conceive for one year before seeking fertility assistance.
  • One in three Canadians (33%) don’t know how long a couple should wait before seeking fertility assistance.
  • In addition, one in four Canadians (26%) mistakenly think there is over a 50% chance of a couple conceiving in any given month.

The important question arises, is it time to seek fertility help? Canadians can learn more about their individual fertility risks from Fertility Matters Canada’s website and by taking a short online questionnaire here.