No matter which infertility treatment plan you and your partner have chosen, it can be stressful at times—remembering medications and doctor appointments all while balancing work and other commitments. But excessive stress is never good for our bodies, so it’s important to take time out for yourself and de-stress. We know, sometimes it’s easier said than done, but the fertility specialists at RCC in Mississauga, Ontario are here to share tips on how to relax during fertility treatments.

  • Pick up a new hobby. Find something you can do at home or around the community, whether it is volunteering, painting, or joining a gym—anything that you enjoy that can help keep your mind busy.
  • Avoid stressful situations. If you have friends or family members who cause you stress, try to avoid them on social media, at events, etc. You need to fill your life with people who lift you up, now more than ever. If social media or the news makes you sad or stressed, take a hiatus during this time. If work is stressing you out, take a vacation or find out if you can work from home to avoid stressful traffic or co-workers.
  • Make your space relaxing. De-clutter the house and your office space at work. Play calming music and use relaxing scents such as lavender.
  • Treat yourself. Take time out of your busy schedule to pamper yourself with a massage, yoga, meditation, spa treatments, or acupuncture. If money is tight, you can soak in the bath with candles, a good book, and an indulgent snack.
  • Adopt a healthy lifestyle. Eating healthy and exercising regularly will improve your overall well-being. A healthy body also is better for conception, so start a healthy regimen today to reap the rewards for years to come.

At RCC, our fertility specialists are dedicated to helping you conceive and live a happy and healthy lifestyle. Contact us to learn how our fertility treatments in Mississauga, Ontario can help grow your family!